Have you ever played disc golf before? I never even heard of it until I was in Colorado. I had the chance to play and it was alot of fun. There was a course through the majestic woods where I played and it ended by a stream. 

Essentially, its free to play and at times it can be challenging. If played with others, it can be a good time with friends, family or even a date. Most importantly, its easy to learn. 

Disc golf is similar to throwing a frisbee in which you try to make it land into a metal basket. There are about 9-18 holes depending on location. Whether you are playing for fun or to challenge one another, this activity can be something new to try.

I'm glad that I had the opportunity to play. The person with the lowest amount of tosses or throws would then win. If you’re wondering, I didn’t win my first time but I’m super excited to play again

Before you arrive, be sure to have the proper equipment such as discs or some refer to them as Frisbees

Head on over to these local spots to enjoy a day of disc golf.

Beacon Glades Disc Golf, Beacon

Find out more here.

Kingston 9-Hole Disc Golf Course, Kingston 

Find out more here.

Warwick Town Park, Warwick

Find out more here.

Don't worry, disc golf is one of few sports that can be played alone. Will you try this? Have you played before? Share with us below.

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