Tomorrow (April 1st) is Nationwide Census Day.

A few people at work have mentioned getting their Census in and I wanted to know a little more about it.

The United States Census Bureau does a study every 10 years (Census) and it's done to figure out number of residents living in the United States.

WOW that's a huge job to take on.

I will be the first one to admit this I'm not proud about it, but I now understand the importance of completing this.

According to Census.Gov, these numbers help determine the number of seats your state gets in the House of Representatives.

Historical Fact? The first census was done when George Washington was President.

I know it's tough to do a lot right now, but don't worry there are a few ways to get this in. You have the option by phone, internet and by paper questionnaire.

If your'e looking for something to do today, completing it on the internet or phone can help pass a little bit of time by.

Stay safe.

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