You are probably like myself and put hummus (pronounced hum-us, unless you are my niece and she calls it who-mousse) on sandwiches, falafel and pita, spread it on toast, or even dip chips in it. Do you consider it to be a pretty healthy snack? In my mind it is, until I find that I have eaten a whole container by myself.

There is one company who is voluntarily recalling their "Classic Hummus" because of a salmonella contamination.

Here is the good news:

  • There is just one SKU that has been affected, it is for the 10 oz "Classic Hummus"
  • The product is about half-way through its 'shelf life' so they there is none available to buy,
  • No consumers have reported that they have gotten sick from eating it.

The not so great news:

  • Sabra noticed that there was a potential salmonella contamination during routine testing that they do, in-house, to maintain a certain level of quality.
  • If you ingest this particular batch, there is the potential that you will get sick from salmonella poisoning.
  • The batch that is being recalled is one that was made "On: Feb 10
    Between: 18:00:27 and 23:49:00" and has a UPC of 300067.

Do you want me to remind you of what Salmonella is or at least how your body responds to it when it accidentally comes to your house (body) to 'hang-out?' Yep, nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea, potential dehydration, etc.

It would behoove you to take a moment and just double check the fridge to see if you have any of this particular batch of Sabra Classic Hummus hanging out. If you do, do not eat it, and return to place of purchase for a refund or exchange.

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