Have you heard of the legend of Sleepy Hollow? I remember learning about this story while growing up and wondering if it was true. I recently had the chance to check out everything related to Sleepy Hollow and I was glad that I did.

First, we went to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Tarrytown. I was surprised to see other history buffs on site, especially on the guided tour. While on site, we came across Washington Irving and Andrew Carnegie's grave. 

With over 100 acres, we were thankful to have found a map.

If you are also interested in going to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, it's open to the public. The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Historic Fund provides guests with this experience in return for respect of the property and church.

I was surprised to learn that the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is also on the National Registers of Historic Sites.

While on our adventure in Sleepy Hollow, we came across the infamous, Headless Horseman Bridge. In the legend of Sleepy Hollow, you may have remembered this scene when the pumpkin head was taken off by Ichabod Crane.

In order to see this bridge, you will have to find it depending on the way you come into this location. The bridge is on the cemetery grounds but over the river.

Some say that the original bridge is not there but in replace of it, is this one. There is also a plaque in honor of Irving on the bridge. It was such an exciting experience to see this bridge in real life.

Find out how you can visit the bridge here.

Would you visit this bridge? Would you explore Sleepy Hollow? Let us know below.

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