Halloween is fast approaching and before you know it Thanksgiving and Christmas will be on us as too. The end of 2022 is flying by so fast that you may run out of time to do a few important things before the end of the year.

So what is it you need to do before Halloween? You most likely have candy buying, costume hunting, and pumpkin carving on your list. Those are all important things but there are a few other things you need to get done as well so that you are not in a crunch during the end of 2022.

Three Things You Should Do Before Halloween

Christmas is just a little over 2 months for now according to the Christmas Countdown tracker. So the reality is you need to do a few things now to be ready by December 25, 2022. The first thing you need to do before Halloween is make out your Christmas gift list. If you think the summer went fast wait until you see how fast the weeks pass between Halloween and Christmas.

Gifts under a Christmas under spruce on the wooden floor

Supposedly shipping and supplies won't be a problem but prices will. With everything going up in cost buying your gift early could save you money. I wouldn't count on too many sales this year. I say get the list in order and get shopping.

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The second thing to decide before October 31st, 2022 is if you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner or if you are going to make a different plan. In the last few years, thanks to COIVD people haven't been able to keep their pre-COVID traditions. Now that the pandemic is past us it is time to rekindle those friends and family gatherings.

Family With Grandparents Enjoying Thanksgiving Meal At Table

Whatever you do, don't assume people are coming because they use to make sure you send out the invite well in advance for your Turkey Dinner that way people know they are welcome.

The other thing you need to get done before Halloween is your October Honey Do list which will turn into your November Honey Do List if you don't get some stuff finished. I personally have a room I have been trying to declutter since August.

Good luck! I will see you around the candy bowl.

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