Most cars and trucks have them.

If your a car person you might already know what a catalytic converter is, but if you don't, it's an expensive part of your car or trucks exhaust system that makes sure carbon monoxide is not coming out of a vehicle’s tailpipe. I'm almost positive that most cars made after 1975 have to have one to pass inspection and emissions tests.

If you've ever had exhaust issues with your car, or failed an inspection, a lot of times is has to do with the catalytic converter not working properly. If you've ever had to replace it, its got a huge price tag, which is why I think thieves are now stealing them across the country.

According to News 10, thieves have always targeted the catalytic converters on cars but recently a bunch of communities have reported more thefts than ever before. A recent bust by Sheriff’s Deputies in California found over 300 allegedly stolen catalytic converters in a storage facility in California’s Marin County.

WTEN/Marin County Sheriff
WTEN/Marin County Sheriff

Closer to home, Danbury, Connecticut has also been a target area for thieves, who steal the car part to resell on the black market for anywhere from $150 and up. How do thieves steal them? According to WTEN, thieves simple cut them out from underneath a vehicle. Some thieves are so good at stealing them, they can be done and gone within minutes.

If your not a car person how can you tell if our catalytic converter is stolen? According to Pete at Tire King in Wappingers Falls, if you start you car and the car is really loud its likely that the converter was either stolen, or there's something wrong with it. Pete added that repairs to replace a converter can cost some car owners hundreds and sometimes upwards of $1000.

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