The United States Post Office often gets a bad rap, ok, so occasionally an item does not make it to its final destination, but it is rare. I might have a unique perspective in to the USPS as my Uncle Tommy was a letter carrier for over 30 years. He could tell you zip codes and addresses for most of the businesses in the town where he worked and lived. Yes, random trivia but he was a dedicated postal employee and proud to be. I worked for a short time at the Fishkill Mail Coding Center around the time of 9/11.

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I learned so much and met so many great people. The question I still get asked to this day, always had something to do with did I get a discount on stamps? The answer is no.

Once again, the USPS needs Christmas/Holiday help. No they are not asking you to come on hourly and help sort mail, this is something that you can easily do from your home. They are looking for people to join in on "Operation Santa" and help to answer and respond to the Dear Santa letters that they receive over the holiday season. Starting December 4, 2020,  you can go to, read letters, then shop for and respond to as few as one or as many as you can comfortably afford.

Here are the steps to make someone's holiday better from the USPS website:

  • Read Look through letters and adopt ones you love.
  • Shop Find the perfect gift, and keep it anonymous— it's from Santa, after all.
  • Wrap Pack your gifts in a box using our shipping guidelines.
  • Ship Bring the gift and postage to a participating Post Office™.

Not sure you can swing it by yourself? Ask a few friends to join in with you or even your co-workers. It is all about doing what you can comfortably do.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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