Mental Health Awareness Month was recognized during the month of May. I am thankful that the stigma has become less and less over the past couple of years. Let’s normalize going to therapy, seeing a life coach, and talking about how we feel. It is so very important to vocalize how we truly feel regardless of the opinion or reaction of others. Always know that we are here and available at Townsquare Media.

In efforts to raise awareness about the importance of mental health, there is going to be an event here in the Hudson Valley.

The Ride for Mental Health 2021 is officially back. This weekend event will take place June 19th-20th in New Paltz. They are looking forward to seeing the riders and volunteers during this event. There is also the option of a being a virtual rider if you cannot join in person. All the registered riders will receive the 2021 Ride for Mental health jersey, even those who do the ride online. The jersey is made with love from Chincapin Sportswear.

I think the neatest part about this event is the option to set up your own donor page where its possible to raise money for treatment, research, and education of mental illness. For fundraising efforts, there will be prizes which also applies to riding achievements.

The proceeds from The Ride for Mental Health will be raised and then donated to McLean Hospital for the research, education and treatment.

In addition to this event, you can join the Strava group to share your journey and routes. Be sure to tag them on Facebook and Instagram. Here’s their information.

Find out general information here.

Check out registration details here.

Directions to the event are here.

Will you be attending this event? Have you ever attended a mental health awareness event? Share with us below.

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