I'm a huge fan of folklore and tales and there are hundreds of them when it comes to the Hudson Valley.

The other day I took a long walk at Long Dock Park in Beacon and got a beautiful glimpse of Bannerman's Island. I stood there for a while and just thought about the stories those walls could tell.

Of course, you can go on a real historical tour of the island, but I was more interested in the folktales that have been passed down from generation to generation.

So I did a little bit of research. Visit Vortex has some of the most intriguing stories, that I've never heard before, about Bannerman's Island.

For instance, Native Americans believed Bannerman's Island to be haunted. According to the site, Native American's didn't want to be in close proximity to the island, because they believed it was "possessed by evil spirits."

Those who sailed the Hudson River many years ago also had a fear of the infamous island. According to Vortex, sailers "feared a tribe of goblins that were subjects of the Heer of Dunderburgh." Sailers believed that the goblins controlled the waters and wind of the Hudson causing boats to sink.

Legend has it, that during big storms you can still hear the crew "crying for help."

If that didn't send a chill down your back...

What are some of the tales and legends you've heard about Bannerman's Island? You can buy your tickets and schedule your boat, kayaking, or canoe  Bannerman Island tour for 2021 on their website, BannermanCastle.org. 

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