With temperatures unseasonably warm, a local brewery has decided to do a special early release of everyone's favorite summer beer.

Summer and beer go hand in hand. As the mercury rises, craft beer drinkers begin to leave those stouts and heavy ales behind in favor of lighter and more refreshing offerings. Hudson Valley breweries are already brewing some of their lighter beers in anticipation of the change in season as they prepare for the onslaught of customers seeking beers that go well with the perfect summer day.

One local brewery is giving its loyal customers a sneak preview of the summer drinking season by releasing its popular warm weather offering early. Mill House Brewing Company has announced a special "brew-thru" event this weekend where they will be selling the very first cans of Cucumber Blessings for 2021.

Cucumber Blessings is a light, refreshing cream ale brewed with cucumbers. This award-winning beer was inspired by an actual ceremony held by Buddhist priests. The traditional Cucumber Blessings Ceremony is held annually to help villages through the long hot days of summer.

While this annually brewed beer won't be available anywhere until next month, Mill House Brewing Company decided that since the weather will be sunny and in the 60s on Saturday, it was only right to release some early four packs.

Customers can visit Mill House Brewing Company to purchase Cucumber Blessings from 9am to 11am on Saturday, March 27. The brewery will be offering 25% off of all their beers at the special sale, except for Cucumber Blessings.

Mill House says that cans of Cucumber Blessings will only be available at this two-hour brew thru until it’s released at their restaurant and other local retailers next month.

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