Yes, I once fell into an old school septic tank, and as I think back to that scary day 40 years ago, don't judge me...LOL!

An amazing story of being rescued this week happened to one of our favorite country stars. Reba McIntyre was saved this week by some fireman as she was touring an old building that somehow started to collapse while she was inside of it. You can watch the rescue here.

After I watched the video, I started to think about whether or not I've ever been rescued and the only time I can ever remember being saved from something was back when I was 9 years old. Let me explain, I lived in Long Island until I was like 11, so while still on the Island we would always get ourselves in to some sort of trouble.

One day, me and my friend Justin were outside playing and there was some construction going on at one of the houses up the street from mine. As we were outside, my mom told us to stay away from the construction site at least 10 times and as soon as she went back inside, me and Justin made our move.

The construction site was like a house rehab project, where they were rebuilding everything and in the back of the house the was a huge hole in the ground that I didn't see and as I went running through the yard I fell into the hole. Now it wasn't a normal hole, it was a cesspool.

A cesspool is what most people call a septic tank today, anyway I fell into this disgusting pool of nasty and couldn't get out. My friend Justin was freaking out and didn't want to touch me because the water was gross, so I started yelling. Yeah Justin and I aren't friends anymore...LOL!

As I hung on to the side of the cesspool, out of nowhere this guy reached in and grabbed me and pulled me out. 40 years later I still have no idea what his name was but I do remember he was wearing some kind of uniform. It's all I can remember!! I don't think I ever said thank you to him. So thank you!!! Better late than never, right?....LOL!

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