*** This is the original story from CBS news in August. The suspects have since been charged. ***

We've heard the old expression about putting lipstick on a pig, come on, you've heard that, right? So, how about lipstick on a donkey? Is there some sort of jackass joke we could use? Who knows? But the fact remains that some teens are in a bit of trouble after breaking into a popular farm in Bergen County, New Jersey, according to CBS NY.

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The Wyckoff Police Department announced the charges Tuesday, though the alleged crime happened August 22 when seven teens broke into Abma's Farm in Bergen County. Police say the seven individuals are being charged with trespassing, and overloading animals. In this case, one miniature donkey was found covered in lipstick. There is no word what color lipstick the teens allegedly used. Police say all seven suspects are from New Jersey.

CBS says that two of the teens were also caught trying to steal from the market.

The history of Abma's goes back to the 1920s, when Barney Abma and his new wife settled in north New Jersey and began working on a farm. The business website said Barney would eventually purchase the farm land from George Fox, and thus Abma's Farm was born. The site has since become a very popular attraction for its produce, market, petting zoo, and other special events.

The farm has been in the family for five generations.


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