One television personality is remembering a special anniversary and how the Hudson Valley made it all happen. An anniversary is very special and it's definitely something you never forget. This story just shows that the Hudson Valley is a perfect place to celebrate a big occasion.

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Who are Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero?

Getty Images for Netflix/Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images for Netflix/Getty Images/Canva

Amanda Kloots is a television host on 'The Talk', fitness instructor, dancer and she was married to the late actor Nick Cordero. Her husband Nick was a popular Broadway actor and he also appeared in a few television shows including the popular cop drama 'Blue Bloods'. Amanda and Nick were married for 3 years and they share an adorable baby boy named Elvis. Sadly, the whole world saw Nick battle COVID-19 when the pandemic started and he passed away from complications from the virus on July 5th. Amanda continues to honor her late husband's memory and the Hudson Valley helped.

What connection to the Hudson Valley do Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero have?

amandakloots Instagram/Canva
amandakloots Instagram/Canva

According to Amanda Kloot's Instagram Page, she posted a throwback picture and mentioned how 6 years ago Nick proposed to her in Hudson, NY. Yep...Hudson, NY. The details of where exactly the proposal happened were not mentioned in the post, but maybe you can figure it out. The most important thing is that it was a beautiful moment that was shared and it really kicked off their love story.

What is so popular about Hudson, NY?

Hudson is a beautiful city that is located right in Columbia County. I know a few people who have spent a weekend there and said it has really cute restaurants, awesome shops and a great downtown area to walk. Hudson has even been mentioned on TikTok a lot lately and it seems like it's becoming a popular area to visit. The Hudson Valley has so many cool spots who wouldn't want to get proposed to here?

We are talking about cool things in the Hudson Valley, here are cool parks in the area and free libraries in the area:

Little Known Dutchess County Parks

Little Free Libraries Hide in Plain Site

Nick Cordero passed away in 202 due to complications with COVID-19. He had a very awful and public battle with the disease

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