It has been a long time since most of us have been able to get away. Vacation seems like it was so 2019. For many of us, 2020 was the year without the vacation. We are all hoping that won't hold true for 2021.

Most of us are ready to take a trip to the beach.

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Some of us could just use a weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods.

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No matter where you want to go the fact of the matter is we still have a lot of travel restrictions on us. And if you were hoping to travel abroad that isn't likely until 2022. So what can we do to take our minds off the fact that we still can't go anywhere for a while? The answer may be what they call a Virtual Vacation.

That's right from the comfort of your own couch you tour someplace fun and far away. There are actually companies that specialize in this type of adventure. So how did I find out about this type of mental getaway? Well, it turns out that next Tuesday, March 30th is National Virtual Vacation Day.

So before you get mad you can't bike across the state with a group of friends.

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Think about the fact that you can travel anywhere in the world for the afternoon if you do it virtually and that type of experience might actually help you plan your next in-person vacation.

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