Have you noticed the bug before? What kind is it?

A bug's life in the Hudson Valley:

The other afternoon I was driving around because I had to stop at a few stores and when I was getting out of the car I noticed something on my back window. At first, I thought it was a leaf that just was kicked up and I went into the store. When I went into the second store, I noticed the "leaf" was in the exact same spot and hadn't moved....weird right?

I went to another store and came out and when I came out I noticed the "leaf" was still in the exact same spot. I decided to really take a look it at and to my surprise.....it was a big green BUG. It ended up staying on my car the rest of the day and did not move. Most bugs that land on my car eventually fly away or move when the car starts so this one stumped me a bit. It blew my mind that this bug was still there holding on.

I'm still learning about nature and I'm not the biggest bug fan. However, we all need to coexist and I'm trying to learn more and figure out what kind of bug it is.

What's the name of the mystery bug?

A. Camilleri
A. Camilleri

Do you know the specific name of the bug? Have you seen it before in the Hudson Valley? Send us a picture or information about it on the station app.

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