I live in the Northside of the City of Poughkeepsie, right near Marist College. There’s a new shopping plaza getting ready to open directly across from Marist, where there will be a Shop-Rite and a few other businesses. Well, I’ve been so wrapped up in when the new Shop-Rite would open, that I didn’t realize that there is also a Burger King opening up. 

That’s great news for me. I’m not generally a person who goes to fast food restaurants, so why would I care? Because I’m a non-red meat eating person who occasionally craves a burger. And it just so happens that Burger King is the only fast food restaurant that makes a plant based burger that tastes delicious. You can’t even tell the difference. I don’t eat them often, but when I want one it’s nice to know I can hop in the car and travel less than a mile. Or even walk.

Before this I had to fight with Route 9 traffic to get to the Burger King across from South Hills. Or I had to fight with Poughkeepsie Arterial traffic to get to the one on Route 44. And it took like 15 minutes and a zillion traffic lights to get there. But not any more. Hopefully I’ll be able to exercise a little self control now that it’s so easy.

Oh yeah, what about the other stores? There is going to be a Starbucks and Chipotle, and I recently heard that the new Shop-Rite will officially open sometime this fall. But what I really want to know is when is the new Burger King going to open? We’ll be sure to keep you posted on all of the new store openings.


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