February has been the month of snow for us here in the Hudson Valley. If you have a snow blower it is sure to be getting a work out so this wouldn't be the time to find out that your snow blower has been recalled. Unfortunately on February 18, 2021 Consumer Report posted on their Facebook page that this is the case for a model made by Toro.

According to Consumer Report the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled almost 6,700 two-stage snow blowers due to an issue with the auger that could cause amputation. The Power Max snow blower made by Toro apparently hasn't caused any injuries but the possibility is real so the are recalling the machine.

The recall applies to the Toro Power Max 826 OHAE with the model number 37802. According to the report the auger which would be the cork screw shaped blade inside the snow blower that lifts the snow towards the chute can fail to disengage and this is what can result in an injury as serious as amputation.

If you own one of these models you should stop using it immediately and contact Toro for a free repair. This model was sold from this past November thru January of 2021 at Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Toro dealers all over the United States. You can call Toro at 833-254-8856 or find a dealer near you at Toro.com.

Consumer reports also included a reminder that if you discover a defective product you can always contact them on their hotline 800-638-2772 or go online to saferproducts.gov



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