You may wonder what exactly your neighbors are looking for on the internet on any given day? Or, maybe you shouldn't. However, some new analysis has shed some light on what New Yorkers were Googling this week. And let's say the results are a bit shocking.

It's been quite a dramatic week across New York state, amid raging fires in Quebec that subsequently drove many parts of our state into darkness by Wednesday.


Pictures and videos flooded news around the world, depicting many parts of New York City and New York state shrouded under an eerie yellowish-orange haze, as smoke from Canada's hundreds of wildfires covered the land.

IQAir said that New York City's air quality Wednesday was the worst of all the major cities in the world.

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Do New Yorkers Want to Leave Because of Smog? 

PIX11 says that searches for “sell my home fast” skyrocketed 2,504% on Google  this week, The numbers come from an analysis by FindStorageFast. The analysis says that searches for “sell my house” and “sell home” also reached new heights, increasing 326% and 307%, respectively.

Are people ready to flee because of the smoke from over a thousand miles away? Some say this could become normal across New York, due to increased fires across North America.

According to US Census Bureau statistics posted Fox, New York City lost 5.3% of its population, which was over 468,200 residents from April 2020 to July 2022.

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