It looks like the original Mystery Machine van has gotten a little bit of an upgrade.

Over the years, we've reported numerous sightings in the Hudson Valley of the van made famous by Scooby, Shaggy, Wilma, Daphne, and Fred. The Mystery Machine van has been seen cruising around in Walden and Kingston many times and sadly we learned a while back that the Mystery Machine van was officially retired and no longer running.

ASAP Scrap
ASAP Scrap

Scooby's Mystery Machine No More

A few months back, we heard from our friend Harry who works at ASAP Scrap in Walden. He told us that one of the coolest vans ever has been retired due to many mechanical issues. He sent us the final picture of the now-gone Mystery Machine. But is it gone for good?

Bethany Linscott/Facebook
Bethany Linscott/Facebook

Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Verison 2.0

The van pictured above is gone but it looks like someone else has taken the Mystery Machine theme to new levels and thanks to Bethany from the Kingston area, we can now all be on the lookout for Scooby and the crew traveling in style.

Camper Becomes the Mystery Machine

Bethany shared the picture above after she spotted the Mystery Machine camper while she was out getting lunch the other day. She told us that she saw it up close and personal in the parking lot at the Walmart in Kingston. From the outside, it looks like Scooby and the crew have upgraded their travel accommodations.

There is no word on who owns the new mystery machine camper but I have to say, it looks amazing! Normal campers like this usually have a bed or two inside, a table to sit around and some even have a working bathroom, so I think it's safe to say that Scooby and the crew are traveling in style. If you happen to see the camper around the Hudson Valley, give them a quick honk on the horn.

If you have any more information on who owns the van, please let us know so maybe one day we can get a look inside! One can dream, right?

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