It really is a sight to see and the timing is perfect for Halloween.

There's pumpkins and then there's HUGE pumpkins. By now most people have at least one pumpkin on their front porch, but this is insane. I was on Facebook the other day, came across a pumpkin and I still can't believe the size of it. Leave it to the Hudson Valley to have a giant pumpkin that's practically the size of a small car.

Quail Hallow Events Facebook
Quail Hallow Events Facebook

How did the pumpkin get into the Hudson Valley?

There recently was a family harvest celebration event that was held at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds and a giant pumpkin there was causing major attention. The large pumpkin was grown by The "Great Scott" Giant Pumpkins by Tony Scott.  How did they even transport this?

How much does the giant pumpkin weigh?

I can't even believe I am saying this, but the pumpkin weighs 1815 pounds. I am saying it again 1815 is it even real?

Another giant Hudson Valley pumpkin:

It's crazy to say it, but there is an even bigger pumpkin that is in New York State. a new record has been set for the largest one and it's even more shocking. What is in the ground here?

Other things that weigh over 1,000 pounds:

We have to put this in perspective here...I was looking at other objects that weigh over 1,000 pounds it's pretty funny. A  concert grand piano, a horse and 7 kegs of beer....yep all of that is similar to these pumpkins, how crazy

If you have any cool pictures of pumpkins please send them in on the station app. Since we are talking about fall things, here are some cool whiskey choices and how to make pumpkin face:

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