Ok. I pass this sign while driving into the radio station every morning. I have often thought that the phrases that they put on the sign are great and even make me ponder.

The above photo is the most recent text. This particular one brings up thoughts to me of "WHAT?" As we are isolating, maybe it is time for all of us to double check when to use which word? Sound good? Here is what I understand:

Where: a word that tells you the location of something or someone. Example, "Where are you going?" What is your destination?

Wear: clothing or items that you place on your person. Example, "Today, I will wear the blue jeans with the white jacket."

Ware or wares. This is something that someone has made and it can be used or sold. If a person makes candles and is offering you one then they are asking you to purchase something that they made (the candle in this case) that is their wares.

You're equals you are. Wouldn't the correct use needed on this sign be your?

So as the sign reads, this is telling us to sell you ares masks? *smh and proof that yes, even though it is spelled correctly, doesn't make it write. (Did that on purpose, yes, I know it should be right). 

Just to be clear, the business that posted this sign, is a wonderful business. When I need my comforters washed, I bring them there because they offer that service. When my washer and dry decide to not work for whatever reason, this is the location that I go to because it is clean and they have free wi-fi.

Should the next one be They're, Their and There?

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