I feel bad, but I don't think it's a wrong thing to do. Over the past few weeks I've been spending more time at the local library and I'm not going to say where because I'd like to be able to still go after this, but it's in the Hudson Valley. Sometimes I have an hour between my radio job and my other one and I don't always know where to go. Going home is too far, I'm trying to save money and not get coffee so there's limited options. I'm just a little confused about one small detail with the public library system.


What's been going on at the public library?

One day I was completely stuck on where to go and I wanted a space to use my laptop. All of a sudden I thought about going to the public library and how that would be a great spot to get some stuff done and it's right on the way to my second job. I walked in and was greeted so kindly, but then it hit me that I DON'T have.a library card. No one asked me about, so I just kept walking in. Hmmm...

More to the story:

This has been going on for 2 weeks now where I walk in, I'm greeted nicely and go sit in the corner with my laptop. I'm not trying to take any books out (yet) but sometimes I feel bad going in there. My next issue is that I'm still not technically a New York resident, so I'm not even sure I can get a library card in the state.

Should I feel bad for going into the library and using their space without a library card? Is it okay to do that? Are you supposed to have a library card to even go in? Am I overthinking the whole issue? Let me know what you think on the station app.

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