There have been a lot of crazy storms recently in the Hudson Valley and it's very important to know what to do if the power goes out.

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This summer was filled with tons of rain and some pretty intense thunderstorms. I actually really like thunderstorms, but I don't like when they ruin a whole day causing the sun not to  come out and when losing power is a result of it. This has happened a lot recently and during one of the power outages I had literally just come back from the grocery store and was pretty upset at the thought of all of my food going to waste. I did a little digging on how long food can last in the fridge and here's what the experts say.


The big thing to remember here is KEEP YOUR FRIDGE DOOR SHUT. It's tempting to keep opening it up and checking on everything, but that's the worst thing to be doing. I have to work on this because I am that person who keeps opening up the door just out of habit. When the power goes out try to stay as far away from the fridge as possible to avoid any temptation of opening up the door.

Now on to the real facts...

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, food that is in the fridge while the power outage happen can last in there for 4 hours (again, you must keep the door closed). They also have some helpful tips like:

  • Never eat food to test it out
  • Throw out perishable food
  • When in doubt, throw it out

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