The prices of homes in Dutchess County continues to be high.

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Poughquag, New York is a beautiful little town that's located in Dutchess County. I've been there a ton of times and I help babysit for a family that lives that way. Over the past few years I can see such a difference in Poughquag's growth, more families are moving, more houses are being built and....the prices of homes keeps going up. I saw one online that had a pretty hefty price tag attached to it.

What beautiful home is for sale in Poughquag?

ERNEST ACAMPORA, River Realty Services, Inc. via
ERNEST ACAMPORA, River Realty Services, Inc. via

I was looking on the internet and saw a home that is listed in Poughquag for over a million dollars. That's pretty huge, that means the area is really going up and it literally carries a huge price tag. The home has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, a farmhouse and sits on 41 acres. Imagine all that you could do with 41 acres?

The listing price of the home is currently $1450,000.

I'm not going to show you all the pictures, you're going to have to click for yourself. There are more beautiful pictures of the home and just think of all of the possibilities that you could do with the home.

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