There's always a debate this time of year when it comes to getting a Christmas tree. Are you going with a fake tree or cutting down a real one this year? If you plan on cutting down your own tree and decide to use trash as a tree topper for the tree you're not cutting down.... You're better off going with a fake one.

Over the weekend my family and I headed out to the Red Hook, Rhinebeck area to cut down our own Christmas trees. It was a beautiful day in the fresh, chilly upstate New York air. You could smell the Fraiser Firs and Blue Spruces from a mile away.

As I was exploring the land of a local Hudson Valley Christmas tree farm for the perfect tree, I came across a young tree with a Pepsi can sitting on top where normally you'd see an angel or star.

No angel or star, just garbage.

I was disgusted by it. These are local farmers and businesses in the Hudson Valley, working to make sure we can all have a happy, well-decorated holiday season and people are treating their hard work as a trash can? It's gross. I came across 2 other young trees with coffee cups and lids on top. Like, what?! How hard is it to find a trash can or hold on to your trash until you leave?

The Department of Environmental Conservation reminds hikers of The Leave No Trace initiative, bring out whatever you bring in when you're hiking. Maybe we need to remind those visiting the mid-Hudson region when they come to town to cut down their Christmas trees?

Happy Holidays and let's work on urging our neighbors (and visitors) to keep our communities clean.

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