Area fire departments and emergency services are notifying residents about a scam that is occurring in the Hudson Valley. This afternoon via Facebook the Plattekill Fire Department made people in their district aware of scam calls being made to area homes.

The Plattekill FD ask that if you receive one of the calls describe that you don't give the caller any person information. They included the Mobile Life Support Services Facebook post so that everyone could be aware of what the callers where trying to accomplish. Basically people are being contacted by phone by a scammer stating that they work for Mobile Life Support Service and then ask for personal information from the person who answers. Mobile Life wants to assure residents that they weren't hacked. This is a scam that is random with the scammer just picking numbers to call to solicit personal information.

Mobile Life also want people to be reminded that if they do call you they will provide specific information that only you would know and it would be related to any action you had with there company. From the Mobile Life Facebook post today (April 14) "If you receive a call from us, we will provide identifying information that is unique to you and the services we provided you. Please ask us to provide this unique information to you before divulging any personal or financial information."

Make sure you check in with anyone you know who might fall victim to this type of scam. Plattekill Fire Department has asked that if you receive one of these calls try to get a call back number from caller ID and please contact the Fire Department at 845-564-0378. They work closely with Mobile Life Support Services and they do everything to protect residents information.

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