The battle against Opioid addiction continues to be in the headlines around New York State and here in the Hudson Valley. According to the State dashboard, the situation is improving but if you look at the information coming out of the counties that make up the Hudson Valley, we still have aways to go.

In the various counties that make up the Mid-Hudson Region on the New York State Department of Health website dashboard for Opioid Data, you can see some progress in the opioid crisis but you can also see that there are areas that have actually gotten worse. That's why community groups are so important.

New Paltz to Hold Narcan Training

The Town of New Paltz Police Department shared important information with regards to Narcan events that are open to the public and also a new community group and website that is available to help 24 / 7 /365. The New Paltz Opioid Prevention and Response Team (OOPRT) now has a website that is there to help. The New Paltz OOPRT is part of a larger group dedicated to bringing help to those in need.


Among the important services that they offer is Narcan training. Narcan is an effective Opioid Overdose Treatment and the New Paltz OOPRT will be offering training this week. On Wednesday, February 23rd there is an in-person training session being offered from 1 PM to 3 PM. Then on Friday, February 25th, there is an online session via Zoom being offered from 1P to 2P.

If you are interested in Narcan training but can't make these sessions, you can contact New Paltz OOPRT for other opportunities to learn this lifesaving procedure.

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