Nuvance Health, this week, announcing that they will be contacting patients and donors who may have had some of their personal info compromised. 

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It came to the attention of Nuvance Health that (according to a press release) one of their vendors or contractors, Blackbaud, Inc. had an instance where someone was able to access (unauthorized) their files. This allegedly happened between February 7 and May 20, 2020.

The information that was accessed included information about donors and for:

health system patients, including names, contact information, ages, gender, dates of birth, admission dates, departments of treatment, treating physicians, and health insurance statuses.

The press release stresses that access did not include any financial details for the patients or donors, including bank account or credit card account information.

Persons that Nuvance believe to be affected in the date breach will be receiving a notice in the mail making them aware of what happened and what precautions that they should take as an individual.

Should you wish to inquire about whether or not your info was a part of the breach or what steps Nuvance is taking to prevent this in the future, you can contact them on a special assistance phone number that they have set up solely to respond to your concerns,  1-866-968-0208, from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM Monday through Friday.

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