If you have friends or relatives planning on visiting from out of state, they're going to want to know some of the state's best tourist spots. But what about some of the tourist traps as well? What's not worth spending a day to visit when time can be limited?  Rent Café has asked New Yorkers what tourist attractions are essential, and maybe some of the ones that aren't worth it. Do we agree with these findings?


The website asked 2,500 people across the country overall about the most overrated and underrated landmarks in each state. Our results may surprise you (or not)?

New York's most overrated landmark?

The Statue of Liberty.

New York's most underrated?

Niagara Falls.

Of course, these are just the opinions of a few people. When you search for reviews for Lady Liberty on sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp, most of the feedback is pretty positive. And if you're planning on skipping on New York Harbor and heading for the falls instead, well that's going to entail traveling all the way across the state.

Your Stories

What are your picks for the state's best or most overrated tourist attractions, landmarks, or locations? Share your picks.

As always, you have to take these surveys at face value. For every person who felt the Statue of Liberty, or any other attraction, was a waste of a day, others will disagree. The state has so much space and diversity, that you could easily spend a full week without ever having gone to New York City, yet still experience so much.

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