It's another example of why you should have someone else drive you home if you've been drinking.

One New York state woman learned the hard way. Police say the 35-year-old was intoxicated behind the wheel when she crashed her vehicle Friday night. Officials say the woman was driving two and a half times the legal limit when the incident occurred.

Was she planning on going for a cruise out to sea?

WGRZ says that while the woman wasn't hurt after the crash, she did show signs of intoxication. Police say the suspect smashed her vehicle into a boat launch at Isle View Park. Sources say the woman was arrested and then later released with an appearance ticket.

Other News From Across the State

WKTV says a 55-year-old New York state man was pulled over for an undisclosed traffic violation in early March. Not only did troopers find the man to be allegedly intoxicated, but also drove with a suspended license. Authorities went on to say that he had been required to use an ignition interlock device, but it was not in his vehicle at the time of the arrest that night. WKTV says his blood-alcohol level was .22&, nearly three times over the state's limit of .08%.

Police say the driver received appearance tickets and was released to someone who was nice enough to come pick him up and drive him home.

Check Out This Crazy Story

What started out as a wedding party turned into a wild night, that involved a bar fight, a stolen vehicle, and a suspect passed out behind the wheel of said stolen vehicle. And it all went down at a place called the Back Door Bar. Police say a 31-year-old Pennsylvania man is now facing a number of charges after the series of wild altercations that took place in early March.

WKTV says the man was at the party with friends when a very courteous bartender at the bar in Old Forge, NY offered to drive the wedding guests back to the cottage they were staying in. This apparently didn't sit well with the suspect, who got into a fight with a friend at the bar, according to police. When the bartender tried to break up the scuffle, our suspect made a mad dash for a bar customer's vehicle that had been left running in the parking lot.

Authorities say the suspect didn't get too far as he was later found passed out behind the wheel of the same vehicle on State Route 28. Police say when they caught up with him, the sleeping suspect awoke and began fighting with them as he was being placed under arrest. He was finally taken into custody early Sunday with a blood alcohol level of .22%, which is over two and half times the legal limit.

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