My son is now 20-years-old but I remember the day he was born as if it were yesterday. What I recall is leaving the hospital with the doctors and nurses saying "good luck"! Good luck? There were no further instructions but I started by getting him home safely.

The New York State Police have a warning for parents and anyone transporting children in a car seat. The combination of the way they kids are dressed and the car seat could prove to be dangerous and potentially deadly. Do NOT put a child in a car seat with a jacket on! 

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According to, thick, bulky clothing such as a winter coat or snowsuit should not be worn underneath the harness of a car seat. In the event of a car crash that thick bulky clothing "immediately flattens out" from the force. Now the coat or clothing is no longer bulky creating the possibility of the child slipping through the straps and thrown from the seat.

I always thought they were MORE protected this way. What else was I unaware of? Make sure that you are safely traveling with your children in the car by visiting a Child Safety Seat Check conducted by New York State Police. Here are a few to choose from.

Rachel Murray
Rachel Murray

State Police Latham - Thursday December 14th - 4p-7p

  • 760 Troy Schenectady Road
  • Appointment only
  • 518-783-3258

State Police Middletown -

  • Thursday December 14th - 3p-7p
  • Saturday December 17th - 10a-2p
  • 55 Crystal Run Road
  • Free
  • 845-344-5300

For an updated list of New York State Child Safety Seat Check locations click HERE.

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