And you thought some of your co-workers were jerks? At least you don't work with this guy. CBS says that a New York state man is facing a number of charges after he allegedly poured a cleaning chemical into a co-worker's drink. Police say both men worked at the New York State Office of General Services, but did not say what the whole dispute was all about.

Authorities say the victim had taken a drink of water when he noticed that his drink had an "abnormal taste". The employee called his supervisor, and then New York State Police soon were notified. Now, the 33 year-old suspect is facing three counts of third degree assault and three counts of criminal tampering, according to CBS. 

You have to wonder, what could have escalated this office feud? Of course, stories like this take workplace disputes to a whole other level. Many have faced those spiteful fellow employees who may take something off your desk without asking, or snack on your leftovers that were in the fridge. But spitting, pissing, or in this case, mixing potentially dangerous chemicals in ones' drink is especially vile. What is wrong with some people?

And while this doesn't involve chemicals or bodily fluids, you may remember this story from early 2020? WNYT says an Albany County man shot his coworker in the arm with a nail gun. Yikes. The shooter even allegedly threatened the victim with more nails to other parts of the anatomy. One can only imagine where else he was planning on plugging this person up? The Colonie, NY man was arrested and charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon, according to police.

Has anybody ever heard of contacting Human Resources instead of shooting or crapping on a coworker they don't happen to like? Perhaps this is why some are choosing to work from home indefinitely? You ever faced a hostile co-worker who did something like this to you on the job? How did you handle it?

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