According to a candy industry publication, we have a new Kit Kat flavor to look forward to. Oh yes, this is so exciting. If you love to take 'a break and break off a piece of' your favorite candy bar this will be even more tempting for you.

The new flavor that we are going to start seeing on store shelves and candy aisles here in the Hudson Valley is 'Key Lime Pie." If you have been paying attention, over the last couple of years Kit Kat has released a few limited or temporary, you might even call them seasonal, versions of the snack, including Birthday Cake, Apple Pie and Pumpkin. They also released a duos version with the mint and the dark chocolate side-by-side in the same package.

What is Key Lime Pie and why does everyone love it so much? Key Limes are a specific time of lime that are a bit sharper in tartness than regular limes. When the juice of these limes are combined with sweetened condensed milk, lime zest, and egg yolks then baked, it creates a creamy basis for the whipped cream topping and a graham cracker crust. Can Kit Kat recreate all of this in one of their famous layered candy bars? Let's hope so!  Where can we get some of the new candy bars to try?

Did you know that Kit Kat Bars are kosher? I didn't, but came across it when I was researching this article. According to the Hershey website, there is a strict manufacturing process along with a strict approval process:

Food products that are designated as kosher must meet the rules and standard of Jewish Dietary Law. Hershey has chosen the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation (OU) to certify its products as kosher. To have a product approved as kosher, the facility, equipment and ingredients must be reviewed and certified by the OU. After all this is completed, Hershey submits the finished food product for certification.

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