When Emily Eckberg relocated to the area with her husband, she thought she would take her love for baking to the next level and apply to work at a bakery.  After getting some hands on experience at a prep-person at Mother's Earth in Kingston, she decided to continue her passion from home while also being a stay at home mom to her daughter.  Shortly after beginning her at-home baking business, Emily was discovered by the owners of Black Creek Bed and Breakfast in Highland, who soon after hired her to be their baker, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Emily now has 2 kids under the age of three and her baking business that offers special order baked goods, crEATery bakery is growing throughout the Hudson Valley.  Emily is now competing for the title of The Greatest Baker, and along with it, a feature in Bake From Scratch Magazine, and cash prize of $20,000.

E.Eckberg crEATery bakery

When asked about what it would mean for Emily:

Both the feature and cash prize would be absolutely critical in helping to move my business from where it is to where I have dreamed it to be!  The exposure in the magazine and the title of The Greatest Baker is fantastic for my business, crEATery bakery, but more importantly, I am hoping to win this for my family!  The support I have behind me is what has gotten me where I am.

Some of the crEATery bakery specialties include her rainbow cookies (some saying theyare they best they've ever tasted) and her specialty cakes.  Emily says she is shifting towards more custom cakes where she can be her most creative and something she has the most fun with.

I love experimenting and trying new treats and making them unique and super tasty!

E.Eckberg crEATery bakery
E.Eckberg crEATery bakery
E.Eckberg crEATery bakery

You can check out some additional photos of crEATery bakery treats on instagram @createry.bakery, and cast your vote to help Emily earn the title of The Greatest Baker here.  The only way to win this contest is by votes, and you get one 'free' vote every 24 hours, but, if you wanted to cast more than one in a 24 hour time frame, you can click on the HERO VOTE button and donate towards No Kid Hungry. - sweet!

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