This beautiful town has so much to offer. From delicious local restaurants to cozy, mom and pop shops that feel like a small town feel, it's like something out of a Hallmark movie.

Upon visiting this quaint town, I enjoyed the simplicity of its surroundings. I went for a bike ride in New Paltz, NY and rode over the Trestle. At that moment, I stopped and took a look around at how truly beautiful the Hudson Valley is.

The view of this historic town is breathtaking.

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

After seeing this small town from up above, I knew that I had to visit it. A new restaurant, Creekside Bar & Bistro has delicious food and a beautiful view of the creek.

Hudson Valley towns each have a unique way of being recognized.

It seems that every town in the Hudson Valley is known for a thing or two. Catskill, NY has cat statues. Saugerties, NY has butterflies. Goshen, NY has horses. The Hamlet of Wallkill, NY has cows.

This Ulster County, NY town is known for its rose murals.

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Have you ever been to a town that has roses everywhere you turn? Maybe you experienced a place that has rose flowers but in this location, there are both.

Rose flowers and rose murals line up and down the main street of this town.

Rosendale, NY has unique and beautiful rose murals throughout the town. In the 1840's, this town was formed. History lies within the streets of Rosendale. 

Rosendale, NY is filled with rich history and was apart of the mining business in the 1800's.

According to, "Mining businesses began in 1825 when blasting for the construction of the locks on the Delaware and Hudson Canal in High Falls had begun and uncovered a natural, hydraulic cement which was extremely durable. This discovery of cement led directly to the formation of the township of Rosendale in 1844 because the state intended to place the booming cement industry under the control of one political body."

Why are there rose murals in Rosendale, NY and where can the be spotted?

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

These rose murals are painted on the historic buildings of Rosendale. There are also storefronts with these Instagram worthy murals as well.

These bright and beautiful roses light up this quiet town. There are many talented artists who provided the town with this glow such as Lady Pink, Queen Andrea, Shiro, Jean Tansey and more.

Although, not all residents agreed with the painting. However, this fresh, new look adds a pop of optimism, hope and beauty in a historic Hudson Valley town. It made me smile!

Did you see the roses in Rosendale? What town is your favorite to visit in the Hudson Valley and why? Share with us below. Happy exploring!

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