Over the weekend Monticello Police arrested a man in conjunction with a robbery that took place back in late November. The alleged criminal in this case, committed the robbery at a Citgo station in the Village of Monticello. Everything that follows is what is currently known regarding the case.

Police crime scene
Brian Jackson

Setting The Scene of the Crime

Back on November 21, 2022 a robbery took place at the Citgo station in the Village of Monticello. The criminal on this night entered the store and demanded the clerk behind the counter fill a bag with CBD gummies. It was estimated the the criminal left the store with the CBD gummies, which in total valued around $1,300. Nobody was harmed during this time.

This leads us to this past weekend, when Monticello Police arrested one, Nigdrew Reynolds at the Sullivan County Courthouse for the crime of the robbery. It was stated at the time that Mr. Reynolds had been at the courthouse for another matter unrelated to the robbery crime. Mr. Reynolds was arraigned and sent to Sullivan County Jail without bail. Further action via the court is pending.

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Takeaways' From This Robbery

First and foremost, it is clear that the investigation by law enforcement is not fully complete. Mr. Reynolds has not been formally charged for the crime that has taken place. However, for Mr. Reynolds to be remanded to to the county jail would suggest that evidence does exist that can potentially place him at the scene of the crime. To fully understand the intricacies of this case all information with have to be made available at some point which currently it appears it is not.

Night Time Police Intervention

On the other hand of this story, there is one thing to be thankful for. Thankfully no individuals involved in this crime, were hurt in this matter. Having crime occur is one thing, however it is easy to manage and deal with knowing it was just wrongfully taken and not someone being unjustly harmed.

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