Can you figure out what it looks like? A lot of interesting pictures seem to pop up on Facebook, but I had to stare at this one in particular for a bit. One Hudson Valley resident posted a picture and it created a lot of buzz on Facebook. It might just look like a regular tree, but if you look harder, you will see it resembles something else. Who knows, maybe you've even passed it before driving around the Hudson Valley.

M. Cancemi/Canva
M. Cancemi/Canva

What does the famous tree in Middletown, NY look like?

I was looking at the comments on the post and there are a lot of different answers for what the tree looks like. The winner was a dinosaur, but some said Godzilla, a few even said it looks like a chicken, and the Loch Ness monster was mentioned. My vote is that it definitely looks like a dinosaur.

Where exactly is the tree located?

You can check it out if you live in the Middletown area or plan on visiting there soon. It's pretty easy to find, the tree is located on Maple Road and 17M and it's pretty hard to miss. I bet a lot of people slow down when they are going by it to check it out.

If you know about the tree or have seen it before, send us more pictures or information on the station app. It's another interesting and unique thing that we have here in the Hudson Valley.

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