So Metro North and the MTA has made a change to their app. Are you thinking to yourself, big deal because I am not taking the train right now anyway? Well. You are not alone.

Here's the info on the app and the changes, just in case we all wake up and this whole COVID thing really hasn't happened. You know, just like Bobby Ewing?

So back here on Planet Earth, the change that was recently made has to do with COVID. The app will allow customers to have an idea as to how congested a train is as the train approaches each station, so you can determine, for yourself if there is adequate room for you to be on the train. The app will update every three seconds.

Here is what MTA Metro-North Railroad President Catherine Rinaldi had to say about the app update:

“The capacity-tracking update to the Metro-North TrainTime app provides another level of confidence for Metro-North riders as they come back to the system. The more information we can provide to help customers practice social distancing once they are on board, the better we can provide a safer and more pleasant ride for our customers.”

Now, keep in mind that Metro-North also has a few guidelines for those who are taking the train, including how you will need to be wearing a face covering at all time on the train, in the train station and on the platform. The good news? If you are heading for the train and you don't have personal protective equipment with you (PPE) most of the train stations now have PPE vending machines. 

Have you been on the train into or out of New York City since COVID? Are you comfortable taking the train? Let us know.


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