There is nothing I love more than juicy reality show gossip. It's even more delicious when there's a taste of the Hudson Valley attached to it.

Last week Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor wrapped up with one of the most dramatic endings of all time. Rachel and Gabby left without the final rose and Clayton and Susie lived happily ever after.

With that being said, Rachel and Gabby were named the new Bachelorettes for a season that will be kicking things off this summer on July 11, 2022.

Every season the Bachelor franchise will release photos and names of possible contestants. This week The Bachelorette did just that and we learned that there are 2 contestants who are from the area.

24-year-olds Justin and Joey Y. are said to be from Brookfield, Connecticut. They're very obviously twins, but that hasn't been the biggest talking point. One Twitter user and Bachelorette superfan did some digging. They discovered that the boys went to Quinnipiac University, they're originally from Yonkers...oh yeah and one of them MIGHT STILL BE IN A RELATIONSHIP!!

If you watch The Bachelorette, you know this is a MAJOR no-no. You have to be there for the right reasons, DUH!

After further review, and after it went semi-viral, Justin updated all of his social media accounts to explain that he is indeed single.

However, the Young boys have been getting dragged for being so young. At 24 years old they were some of the youngest possible contestants this season. With Gabby being 31, many fans were calling for an older dating pool.

Fingers crossed that Joey and Justin make it to the actual show, we love some local drama! Will you be watching this season?

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