The Last of Us is back with Episode 3, “Long Long Time.” And this episode shows the right way to adapt a great video game. In the game, the character of Bill has rigged up an entire town with traps, leading to a really fun setpiece where you have to evade traps and fight zombies. But this isn’t a game, this is a show. And on The Last of Us show, Bill is only concerned with his little street, not an entire town, making the whole scenario a lot more personal. And in the game we never meet Frank, Bill’s friend or possibly his unrequited love. But in the show, we get to see Bill and Frank’s relationship, which underscores all of the stakes not just for Bill or for Joel, but for the entire world as it tries to figure out a cure to the zombie infection.

That’s just one of the little details, Easter eggs, and video game references (and differences) in The Last of Us Episode 3. In our latest Last of Us video, we show the dialogue taken straight out of the game, point out the parts that are totally new, and explain why it was important to take this pause in all the zombie action. Watch them all below:

If you liked that video breaking down all the Easter eggs in The Last of Us Episode 3 check out more of our videos below, including why The Last of Us Part II was a great game, all of the Easter eggs in The Last of Us Episode 2, and our full Easter egg breakdown of The Last of Us Episode 1. Plus, there’s tons more videos over at ScreenCrush’s YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to catch all our future episodes. New episodes of The Last Of Us premiere on HBO on Sundays.

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