A popular Kingston, NY bagel shop's recent closure has people wondering why it's closed.

A post in the Facebook Group Ulster Chamber Eateries United got people wondering what happened to Bagel World of Kingston.

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After reading through the comments, there seems to be much confusion as to why they closed. One person wrote, "Idk!!! I called for breakfast the other day and the person who answered told me they closed! I was shocked. I love it there." Another person commented that they gutted the place last week and as far as they know, they completely shut down back in Nov. or Dec. of last year. "Been closed for months, and finally shutdown" one person posted. "They had the best NYC-style bagels and a great place for lunch. We'll miss them" said another.

Closed For Renovations?

I decided to look into it, and a search of their official website states at the top of the page, ***Our Kingston location is Temporarily Closed ***. They also have three other locations: Monroe, Central Valley, and Wappingers Falls. Could the Kingston location just be undergoing renovations, and are they planning to reopen soon? Who knows.

With the website stating that the location is temporarily closed, and the person in the Ulster Chamber Eateries United Facebook group stating that they gutted the place last week, maybe they are just doing full-on renovations to the place? We reached out to  Bagel World of Kingston through their Facebook page last week but didn't receive a reply.

What Should Go In The Bagel World of Kingston Spot?

If Bagel World of Kingston is in fact no more, and the building is being gutted for a new business to move in, what do you think should move in there? My answer is always Hooters, as the Hudson Valley is still waiting for one after all these years. But whatever will be going in at 1220 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY remains to be seen.

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