When I head the term smishing, I was instantly like, wait, isn't that a Katy Perry song? Doesn't she sing that song telling that girl to just go away? Well, to my embarrassment the song was Swish, not smish.

So, what is SMISHING? Turns out the United States Postal Service (USPS) is the one trying to teach us about that this week. They sent out news alerts saying "Do Not Click" on that link.

The link they were telling us about is a link that is apparently going in text messages that people are getting, that look like they are coming from the USPS, but, you guessed it, they are not.

It is another attempt from scammers to try and get your info. This is what SMISHING is. Scammers sending you a text, making it look like it is from a legit place, hoping that you click on it, so they can steal your info.

The USPS will never send you a text or an email, unless you ask to receive updates on a package that you are tracking.

Here are a few reminders to help you sort through and make sure something is legitimate before you click on anything.

  • Do you know the sender?
  • Does it even look like a real phone number or email address?
  • Think about it, why is this company texting you? Have you ever received a text from them before?
  • Don't text back or click on any link unless you 100% know who is sending you the info.

Also, just delete it, or even block that number, then delete it. If it is real, that person or company will try other ways to get a hold of you, like with a phone call, a real paper letter in the mail or even an email.

Be safe online. Your personal information is as valuable as money in the bank or your credit history/score.

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