If you can't take the heat, then you should probably decline an invitation to appear on the incredibly popular Youtube series, Hot Ones.

Thankfully our Hudson Valley hometown celeb was able to represent.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, everyone's favorite Rhinebeck candy shop owner, took the Hot One's stage with host extraordinaire Sean Evans.

If you're not familiar with Hot Ones, it's: "The show with hot questions, and even hotter wings." Each week Evans interviews a celebrity guest and dishes some of the most well-thought-out questions while he and his guest try 10 chicken wings, with different variations of hot sauce.

And, well if you couldn't tell by the name, the sauces get hotter as you go.

Right out of the gate Sean threw a Hudson Valley-themed question JDM's way. Luckily, the sauce at the time was mild and we were actually able to understand Jeffrey's answer.

Sean asked, "Over the past year there's been a massive migration of New Yorkers to the Hudson River Valley, what's the easiest way to spot a city slicker who maybe bought a pandemic farmstead but didn't really think it through?"

JDM's answer was perfect: "Yeah, they drive a Subaru. I don't know why."  He then added, "I see a Subaru and I'm immediately flipping them off."

We've all been there, right?

The interview continues by digging deep into Morgan's career, Negan's storyline for the latest season of The Walking Dead, his new movie Unholy (out Friday, April 2nd) while the sauces dig deeper into Jefferey's soul.

Pretty sure his soul actually left his body at one point and it was definitely around the time he taste-tested a hot sauce called "Da Bomb."

Check out the rest of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Hot One's interview:


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