The beloved Hudson Valley actor continues to use his star power to help a local comic book shop.

There are tons of The Walking Dead fans in the Hudson Valley. If you weren't aware of this it was certainly proven weeks ago when Megabrain Comics, a comic book shop in Rhinebeck teamed up with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and offered hundreds of signed pre-ordered copies of the first issue of the new Negan Lives! series from Image Comics.

The autographed first print sold out quickly leaving many fans still wanting their very own copy. With the popularity of the book, Image Comics has decided to make a second printing. They've even limited the purchase to one per cusotmer. Megabrain Comics and Jeffrey Dean Morgan decided to team up for yet another  signing which again sold out almost immediately.

According to Megabrain Comics, customers who ordered the second print will most likely receive them in mid-September.

Will there be another chance to get a signed print? Comic and The Walking Dead fans can only hope.

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