A large group of about 60 campers were caught breaking the rules in Central New York.

A camper at the Stoney Pond State Forest in Madison County called in a report of several vehicles around his campsite that were blocking him in.

A New York Forest Ranger and a Trooper from the New York State Police responded and found an estimated 60 people and a stack of approximately 30 pallets. The group was illegally burning some of the pallets.

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Credit - NYS DEC
Credit - NYS DEC

Burn Ban in New York State

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) issues a statewide ban every year, prohibiting residential brush burning.

DEC Forest Rangers and local fire departments fight dozens of wildfires that burn hundreds of acres every year. They've already been called to multiple fires this year, all caused by burning debris being blown to dry ground.

The good news is, that spring fires have decreased more than 42% since the burn ban went into effect nine years ago.

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Wildfires Encroach On New Jersey's Meadowlands
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Backyard & Campfires

You can still have your backyard or campfires, as long as it's less than three feet high and four feet long. Small cooking fires are also allowed with charcoal or dry, clean, untreated, or unpainted wood.

The burn ban runs through May 14.

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Burning pallets is not allowed under the burn ban.

The Forest Ranger and the Trooper broke up the illegal gathering and made sure the group cleaned up all the pallets.

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