Since the pandemic, more and more people are cooking (and learning to cook) at home. Does this include, you trying to become a version of the Pit Masters that you see on TV?

While no one can judge you like you judge yourself, unless you are willing to share some of that great 'cue, we all want to make sure that you and your equipment are safe.

via press release cpsc
via press release cpsc

Presto, the small electric kitchen appliance company has announced that they are recalling one of their indoor electric smokers, because of a potential electrical shock hazard.

The company has voluntarily done this recall after receiving several complaints from consumers that their smokers where tripping circuit breakers and GFCI outlets. When Presto got these complaints, they started their own internal investigation and what they found was defective heating elements and wiring on the units.

As of yet, Presto states that there have not been any injuries but out of an abundance of caution, they are recalling the indoor smokers, for the two model number's,
"Model No. 0601304 and Model No. 0601405." 25,000 of these little indoor smokers were sold to consumers.

If you own either unit, please make sure that it is unplugged and do not use it. You will need to box up and send the smoker back to Presto. Before that can happen you will need to fill out a quick form, available by clicking here, that will confirm the model you have is a part of the recall and make you eligible for a free shipping tag to return the item and the $100 that Presto will be sending you.

For further information and the potential forms you may need, click here. 

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