Thousands of Hudson Valley residents got to see the USS Slater from a distance over the holiday weekend. Check out these stunning photos captured by a volunteer crew member aboard the historic warship.

With social gatherings being limited and almost all of the Hudson Valley's fireworks shows cancelled there wasn't a whole lot for us to look forward to. One event that seemed to have the Hudson Valley buzzing was the retired warship from WWII scheduled to pass through. Thanks to 15 volunteers responsible for running security, checking for leaks, maintaining the engine room watching the generator the USS Slater was able to make it down as planned.

The retired Nazi submarine hunter is now retired but has since been converted into a museum located in Albany.

With the museum currently shut down due to COVID-19, donations are desperately needed to keep the ship maintained and open to the public. You can help out via PayPal HERE.

Photos Aboard The USS Slater

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