Here's why.

In today's world hand sanitizer is most likely something you use many times in a normal day, if you don't you definitely should.

If your like most of the world you have bottles of hand sanitizer scattered just about everywhere you go.

You probably have some at work, your kids probably have some in their backpacks and I for one have like three bottles stationed all around my car. A bottle in the passenger side door, one in the back for the kids and one in the drivers side door for me to use anytime I get in the car.

If you have some in your car or truck, beware that as the cold temperatures hit us in the Hudson Valley any good hand sanitizer should never freeze up in the cold.

According to FOX 56, most commonly used hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, meaning that if it does in fact freeze up in cold temperatures it doesn't have enough alcohol in it to be affective.

One expert told FOX that "If it has enough of the alcohol it should not freeze and if one of your alcohol sanitizers freezes, I would recommend throwing it out and buying a new one."

If you would like to make your own hand sanitizer I found an easy recipe to follow. All you need is some Aloe Vera gel, 91% or higher rubbing alcohol, a measuring cup, a wire whisk and some of those small travel size bottles.

Get them all together and take about 3/4 of a cup of the rubbing alcohol and add 1/4 cup of the Aloe Vera and mix well with the whisk. Once it's all mixed up, pour the mixture into the travel bottles and it's ready to use.

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