We are constantly on our phones and other smart devices scrolling through newsfeeds and seeing a bunch of ads. As you know, some of those ads are scams. I recently made a purchase online and what I received had me scratching my head.

I say that I purchased recently, but really a few months back, but the product just finally showed up, or a product showed, definitely not what I ordered. I'll start by saying that it was purchased through a website that was definitely not legit. The reason I made the purchase was purely based on curiosity. I wanted to see what they would send me.

The product was advertised as follows:

Mini PC Intel Core i9 8950HK,Mini Computer Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB, 32GB RAM DDR4, 512G NVME SSD, DP Type-C USB3.1 WiFi Bluetooth 5.0, Desktop Computer with HDMI Port

Mini Computer 2

Sounds pretty fancy, and they're willing to give it all away for a small fee of $40. Why not take a gamble, and see if I actually get a computer. So I paid, and I received the tracking information. I went to track the package, and it turns out the tracking information was bogus, surprise, surprise.

I reported it to PayPal, and they opened an investigation and told me that the company had sent a package out and so the issue was resolved. Ooookay, sure PayPal, whatever you say. So, I just assumed they took the money and there was nothing I could do, which is technically correct, but guess what? My package actually showed up at my house.

Are you ready for it? Here's what I received from the scammers.



Are you confused? You should be because that's not a mini-computer at all, it's a cheap little electric toothbrush. So, for $40, you can get yourself this lovely little product with writing I can't understand. I mean, I knew this would happen, so I'm not surprised at all.

Have you ever ordered anything off the internet and received something else?

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