One Hudson Valley resident took a chance and screamed at Woody Harrelson while he was on set and his response was amazing.

A huge star is about 10 ft away. They may be working but do you risk it and say something?

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, right? I think Michael Scott coined that phase. It was either him or that great basketball player. I can't remember. It doesn't matter who said it. What matters is that it's absolutely true.

Some say the Hudson Valley is becoming the new Hollywood. It certainly would appear that way. If that's true then we need to brace ourselves as we're going to start seeing more and more celebrities walking around. We'll also have to get used to our streets transformed into massive film sets.

It certainly seems like Upstate New York is becoming the new haven for filming. There have been several major movies and shows that have come from the area in recent years. Some of them are currently in production.

One of them is a series for HBO called The White House Plumbers starring Woody Harrelson. Since filming of the series began, Woody has been spotted all over the Hudson Valley. Last week he was noticed dining at a hot spot in Beacon. This week he is filming in Albany near the Capitol building.

Credit Jean LaFalce

Harrelson was sitting in the driver's seat of a vintage car when Jean LaFalce shouted, "Hey Woody, welcome to Albany!", according to her post on Facebook.

Most actors may not want to be disturbed while on set but Woody turned to her and this was his response.

Credit: Jean Lafalce

Woody comes the Hudson Valley in peace.

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